Misc. Info

The population of Dublin City and County area is approximately 1.1 million.

Dublin’s climate is mild and very changeable so come prepared for all seasons!  Layers, layers and more layers is the best tip :-)
Winter temperatures average 4-7 degrees celsius (39-44 degrees fahrenheit) and in summer between 16*C-20C*(60*F-67F). There are about 18 hours of daylight daily during July and August, only getting truly dark after 11 p.m.

English is the spoken language through Ireland but with it’s own Irish flavour and lilt! Irish (or Gaelic) is the original native language of Ireland. Place names and signage are usually in both languages.

The international calling code for Ireland is 00 353. The local area code for Dublin is 01. In an emergency call 999 or 112 and specify whether you require the police (Garda) an ambulance, the fire service or coastal rescue.

Post Office
Most post offices are open Monday-Friday 09.00-17.30 and some open on Saturday from 09.00-13.00. The General Post Office on O’ Connell Street in the city centre is open Monday-Saturday 08.00-20.00.

Most shops in Dublin are open from 09.00 until 18.00 Monday-Saturday and 12.00 until 18.00 on Sundays. Shops stay open late Thursday evenings in the city centre and late Friday evenings in the suburbs. Many of the out-of-town shopping centres also have late opening on other nights during the week. For non EU visitors-tax free shopping is available in many outlets which allows you to reclaim VAT (Value Added Tax) paid.  Check with the outlet before you purchase the goods.

There are over 1,000 pubs in Dublin, from traditional watering holes to trendy late night bars, so something to suit one and all! The legal age to buy alcohol is 18.
(Miguel insists we note that The Brazen Head and The Church are must sees.)
Opening Hours Mon to Sat 10.30 Sun 12.30.  Closing times are: Mon-Thurs 23.30, Fri-Sat 00.30 and Sunday 23.00 with half an hour drinking up time given. St. Patrick’s Day 12.30-00.30. Pubs shut on Good Friday and Christmas Day.  Most nightclubs and late bars will serve drink until about 02.30.

A normal tip for good service in Dublin restaurants is between 10%-15%. Service charge is normally automatically included for groups of six or more.

The Euro is the only currency that is officially recognised as legal tender in the Republic of Ireland (that is unless the EU/IMF bailouts to Greece, Ireland and Portugal manage to cause the collapse of the Euro in the meantime!). In general, banks open Monday-Friday, 10.00-16.00 with late opening on Thursdays until 17.00. Foreign Exchange facilities are widely available. All major credit cards are widely accepted. Foreign exchange facilities are available at the Dublin Tourism Centre, Suffolk Street.

Electrical Current
220/240 volts (50 cycles) is the standard electrical current and a 3-pinned adapter may be required.